UCSB Student Leader Retreat 2013

UCSB Student Leader Retreat 2013

What does leadership mean to me? Ok… My definition of leadership is someone who can make me want to do something just by doing it so well themselves. And in that sense, be a role model, and be a
figure who I want to look up to, and who I want to talk to, and simply be friends with, just connect with. My definition of leadership is someone who will motivate you to be the best you can be, and someone
that you look up that you want to be. Someone that’s instilling a sense of pride in their members. Definition of leadership: I’ve changed mine multiple times
throughout the year. In high school, I used to think it was just getting everyone
involved, having a leader… but now I see it more as a structural
type organization, where there’s one person who may be a team of five, maybe a team of ten,
but basically they are the leaders in which promote every
student to have some type of involvement; whether it’ll be from announcements, to just
handing out flyers around campus. That’s leadership to me. Being able to guide people in the right direction,
showing them from the way I uphold myself being a role
model on and off campus, and what I have
to give to them that gives them something tangible, always something they can take
away. A leader is someone that you want to be. The one that makes you want to be better. /
From the Student Leadership Retreat, I have learned that there’s so many
organizations on campus, and that the leaders here really passionate about
what they do, and that we’re here for the students primarily.
So we’re here to learn how to be better for the rest of the campus and for the rest of the student body. /
The Student Leadership Retreat actually has helped me a lot, because initially, I didn’t know where
to begin. I started with an idea, and from there I
didn’t know what to do with it, and so, coming to this event has
definitely help me write a structure for my organization and
now I know; who to contact, where to get funding. I’m more in tune with the university, and
it helped produce my organization a lot better. /
It helped me grow as a person. We just had a workshop on staying focus, staying motivated and one of the things we learned was keep
people coming to your meetings. Keep the events fun, make sure you
don’t have people lose interest. The Student Leadership Retreat really helped me learn how to manage
my club, and ways to make my club more efficient,
and make sure that all my members are getting everything they can possibly get out of
the club and experience here. / In the networking aspect of
it, I think it helps a lot, because I see that everyone else is same position as I
am. We’re all starting from the bottom, and
basically just working our way up. Being able to meet different organizations,
and how they run their organization is also huge benefit.
It’s nice to meet everyone else that’s also just as
enthusiastic about starting an organization as you are. I met a few people who were from other
organizations, and they told me what their organization is about, and what they’re
doing. I shared some information about mine. I was able to get their contact
information in there; they became interested in my org. Small groups were seated at separate tables and I’ve learned about
organization that I never knew there, and we all exchanged contact information
already and I know I’ve advertised through Health and Wellness, that
“We would make announcements for you, if you come to our events.” It was just way to give-and-take
and support each other, and then meet new people as well as continue the
trend of getting out there, helping each other. /
I met a lot of really cool club presidents and
club members that I didn’t think that I initially I have anything in common with. But
through talking at the table and through different events I really got to see
that a lot of clubs are really similar. That there’s
a lot of really interesting clubs that I wouldn’t have normally seen. A lot of the stuff we’re learning here at the
leadership conference isn’t just about the leader; its also being
yourself, and managing your own life when it comes to school, or work, and other stuff. Just really how to
manage your time and get the most out of everything you
do. Whether it’d be as a leader, as a student or as an employee… anything in life, as a friend. I think the main thing for me has been
learning communication skills, and then also reflection on my
personal values and how I can be who I am in the organizations that I’m involved with,
and how I can convey that to the rest of the student body, and contribute to the overall
environment. Being in this type of environment at the
Student Leadership Retreat, networking, meeting a lot to different
people, and then going through these workshops… I’m just learning a lot about maturity and growth. Being a
leader through other organizations, working
here on campus has also helped me with my growth and development,
but now I’m starting to see this world, and I can now help
others. Maturity, a lot of
self-responsibility, and self-awareness as well. / On a personal level, I
definitely think this retreat helped me, because now I’m more confident in what I’m
doing. I have established my values. I know where I want to go. I have a vision, and I know how to get there,
and now I just need to put it all together, and take
one step at a time, and I just got to meet a lot of great kids, and friends, it’s pretty amazing.

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  1. Hi, Tim! Thanks for the kind words! We shared this video across several of our social media channels, and we hope everyone sees the great work our Gauchos are doing!

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