Volleyball Tournament on Fort Lauderdale Beach in South Florida / Supporting my Squad – ELEVATION

Volleyball Tournament on Fort Lauderdale Beach in South Florida / Supporting my Squad – ELEVATION

we drink some red Bull yo we at the
beach we get it in there we go are you loving it yo yo yo hey CPA
strength back again with another video my best volleyball video ever so Chris I
hope you like this video I’m going to try to make it so you can actually send
it to someone and I’ll not be like all over it or something I don’t know
so you haven’t had a really good time yesterday at the volleyball tournament I
don’t want to talk too much I’m gonna talk after every game and just the mood
but you’ll see how I does it anyways when I got whoa wait I missed the first
game which was a loss so when I got there you’re gonna see this footage and
we’re already oh for one all right tell next time I was playing himself like a
gold baseball player I think but um sportscaster yeah so I was thinking to
close as you can see they lost that fur they
lost this now we’re down to two losses we have two losses we row for two right
now yeah so let’s get it going hopefully we can do better on this third
game yeah it came out like a week or two ago
I dirty switching a style if he’s usually headband in Asheville so he’s
going to hat now they don’t want her to this career they don’t want none of that
Chris if they can’t handle this Chris vise Chris damn Chris is killing we did
not do better than that third game we’re over three right now well for three went over to the side
went over to the side a little bit had a little pep talk I was like yo I mean
yeah you had whatever whatever but we gotta get into this right now man we
gotta just look we gotta get into this game right now I also told him take the
hat off dog your headband man they don’t know about the headband game so anyways
I did the hell did that did the headband help because at this point we are
Oh for three let’s see how it’s going now all right now plugging enough Chris
you’re gonna come back from this how you doing today not talking okay we’re gonna
come back from this I’m gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna get you on camera in a
couple hours we’re gonna have a different hopes nobody all right
Pollard obese not the worst out here today so if you put as you go video
think that yeah what’s is what’s that dude’s name again
in which who which gentleman is he oh I do see him he playing oh nice
you always need that stay humble right exactly Carlo Santos huh all right so must be a seven if they
switched yeah yo we got our first W boy went aboard yo
we’re one we’re one and three now and apparently that was the first game that
counted in the seating or whatever they seemed really secretive about what’s
going on but anyways we finally won why we’re never on the boards baby yeah
yeah yeah I was like Oh where’s where’s the purse Thanks
all right this Suns their cousin guard Davis and Rachel 20 minutes you guys to
play one game of 28 on 17 first I wondered with all that I wanted
to require her and let the main guy for three murders Caitlyn Julia and in
court for born Becky younger Oh baby to aerobic you believe it week two in a
row now yeah two for three I don’t really care for those guys that much and
yeah tonight Buster’s yeah yeah what’s up
with it then yeah we’re gonna let this next one roll back because now this next
one’s in the semi-finals this one was like yeah when I came out
for this was like dude my adrenaline was pumping and uh this was the semi-finals
of our bracket of our group or whatever because there’s like single a double a
triple a I don’t know no one likes to tell me anything when I’m out there I
don’t know I just fail when support so yeah anyways this one was a nail-biter
and you the games go up to 21 semifinals so at this point where were three three
three wins three losses this is our seventh game we’re going
into we’re starting to play decent yeah what are you guys just rolling and see
here sixes bounce out what good guys yeah we’re we’re keeping track
good job Chris Scottie the job yeah yes is this is this is all this is
intense row was what I came out for let’s go they you now 2020 this is it
they’re here well guess we’ll find out 21:21
guess oh yeah that wasn’t overtime that wasn’t
overtime so yeah we go to 21 and it was like 20 to 20 then I was like you have
to win by 2 and as like I don’t know we were down by one we we dug it out um and
I missed the serve scotty service serve right down the middle so I was pumped
I was pumped for the finals I was pumped for the finals I’ll just tie right now
look the next thing the thing you’re gonna see well coming up after Chris we
were doing good then Chris sprained his ankle taped it up and then he still made
a valiant effort but it didn’t didn’t happen so until next time yeah I talked
enough I don’t know if any of my subscribed my my subscribers were gonna
like this but you know it’s what I was doing I was supporting my friends all
weekend and you know that’s that’s super important to me to support my friends so
really Chris I hope you like this video I hope is decent enough to where you can
share it with friends and family that couldn’t make the tournament and do it
I’m gonna be at the next you don’t know and be at the next one and then if any
subscriber for any other people made it to this like who actually watched CPA
strength we’re gonna get back to business so I mean this tax season dog I
got wrong so until tomorrow CPA strength I’m
out a deuces – – that was like the supervisor to the
ankles hurt no Scottie be known

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  1. I am an accountant too, my dream is to work in Florida during the tax season and work some where in the north during the summer

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