Volleyball Unbound & Indie Sports Games  |  Video Games Eh? Episode 19

Volleyball Unbound & Indie Sports Games | Video Games Eh? Episode 19

Indie Sports Game Discussion Video Games Eh? hello everyone welcome back to video
games a a new show that I’m trying out where I discuss new things that I’m
learning as I’m on my journey to kind of learn more and discover about games and
their design if you guys have been watching recently on my channel I’ve
published a few videos where I’m playing a game called volleyball unbound and as
I’ve been kind of playing through and studying the design of this game it’s
made me realize that the indie scene is a tough one for people to publish sports
games and be successful sports games are one of my favorite genres of games and
it seems that most of the sports games scene is dominated by the big companies
who got NBA 2k MLB the show EA’s NHL you got the madden series pretty much
dominating the sports game seen some other companies have been able to kind
of kind of break into the sports genre but coming at it from a different angle
like the franchise hockey manager or the pro evolution soccer games kind of
taking a roundabout way to trying to crack their way into the sports scene
well what I really don’t see a ton of is indie studios or even triple a Studios
anybody really tackling the pure action sports game that’s in part why I’m so
impressed with what I’ve seen from volleyball and bound I contacted the
developer and it’s just a single guy who who made all this and I’m so impressed
now it’s easy for me to recognize the nuances in this game because of my
history with volleyball and beach volleyball I consider myself an expert
in these two sports and so I can really appreciate the nuances in this game
what’s disappointing though is that the volleyball community has no idea about
this game this is an incredible beach volleyball game very well done but
nobody knows about it because it’s locked in obscurity buried deep within
the steam lists it’s kind of disappointing to me that there’s not a
larger appreciation for indie sports titles in the kind of steam gaming
community so smaller dev teams can create games like this and get them out
there to an audience and be successful warts game fans are often used to the
triple-a garbage that’s being produced every single year not really iterating
on gameplay not giving people anything new just changing things up here and
there because everybody wants to play with the Stars but it’s games like
volleyball and bound that show the potential for quality gameplay and
creativity in the sports game scene that we’re just not seeing
or at least I’m not seeing it and it’s not being super apparent to me this game
I just happen to find for no reason when searching for volleyball games but if
somebody’s looking out they’re looking for this one’s pretty hard to find if
you think back to the couple generations of consoles ago there was a little bit
of a wider range of sports games being published
yeah the NHL hits series of games and blitz coming at things from kind of an
arcade perspective to give it like an over-the-top feel which was a ton of fun
a new spin doesn’t need to be too realistic to have a lot of fun playing
one of your favorite sports or the NBA FIFA and NFL Street games where they
kind of came at it from like a cartoony kind of fun in your face perspective
doing all sorts of cool tricks sweet dunks while in gameplay to get higher
scores which added a new twist in the sports game which was also a ton of fun
in recent years though we just haven’t seen a ton of creativity in the sports
game genre unfortunately and it’s too bad because volleyball unbound is a gem
if you’re a volleyball fan or even not this one does beach volleyball almost
perfectly the gameplay is smooth it’s crisp it’s intuitive yeah it takes a
little bit to get going there’s a learning curve but once you get it you
find yourself improving getting better and learning when you make mistakes it’s
your fault it’s not the computer just getting lucky the developer actually
integrated the intricacies of the sports bumping setting attacking where you’re
gonna serve the different types and why you would use each types of these things
why you would use a roll shot why you would use a heart attack
why you would spend served why you would short suit why you would do all these
things they’ve implemented that into the AI so when you attack games with this
strategy it actually works the way you want it to
in addition to the gameplay being incredibly accurate to the sport of
beach volleyball volleyball and bound also structures their career or mode in
the same way that the international beach volleyball tour works you play in
a national tour there is kind of a continental tour and varying levels of
those tournaments then you work your way into the international tour or the FI VB
tournaments where you’ve got regular tournaments grand slams you’ve got the
World Championships and I’m not sure I haven’t made it there yet but if there’s
the Olympics at the end of your four years of career mode that would be
the cherry on top of a perfectly accurate career mode the way they’ve
structured the camera when you’re attacking your player goes up to attack
and they’re looking at the ball and you have to use your peripheral vision to
see where the block is otherwise you’ll get slammed and if you check out some of
my videos you see I get slammed hard every now and then I got it Joe loves
start in the game with a dig hey start in the game getting slammed national
tour tournaments are easy to win with teams not being that great but when you
work your way up to the world championship or Grand Slam tournaments
the AI is good their skills are high and it’s actually competitive intense games
volleyball inbound is a little bit special for me because I’m following but
beach volleyball is such a huge part of my life and so are video games so when I
see the two two come together it means a ton for a ton for me but I’m sure
there’s a lot of people out there would have tons of interest in indie titles of
other sports with this level of accuracy and attention to detail I’m sure you can
think of plenty of other sports that could use a really intricate and well
designed game that actually studies the mechanics of the real sport and
implements them smartly into game play I would love to see an indoor volleyball
game with this attention to detail in the intricacies of the actual gameplay
or what about maybe a table tennis game worth II put the right spin you’re
actually playing strategically against your opponent that would be awesome if
you guys have any other sports that you’d love to see a game made for put
them in the comments below I want to hear it what are there any fans of other
sports out there what kind of games that you guys like to see and if you’re a
beach volleyball fan and you have a steam account or a compact decent
computer please go out and play this game support the development of stuff
like this because this is an awesome game yeah it’s only single-player right
now but hopefully with more support for stuff like this that’s made and designed
really well we could see more of this stuff come out from the indie community
well that’s one all I’ve got to say about volleyball inbound I gotta thank
you guys so much for watching hopefully these video games a episodes are are
decent to watch and look through and and hopefully you guys could enjoy follow me
on my journey as I kind of study and learn about games and and their design
but thanks again so much for watch if you if you liked the video maybe
leave a like or hit that subscribe button I would really really appreciate
it but thank you again and we hope to see you next time on video games a Indie Sports Game Discussion Video Games Eh?

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  1. geez, last indoor volleyball game i played was International Volleyball, but that is such a basic game, would love to see an NBA 2K like game with the volleyball theme

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