What are the Best Shoes for Pickleball?

What are the Best Shoes for Pickleball?

Do you really need to have special shoes to play pickleball? I mean wouldn’t just a plain old running shoe do? You’re gonna want to know this answer. Stay Tuned. Hey everybody its CJ Johnson
today we’re going to talk about court shoes and why they are important to your
pickleball game. You want to make sure that you stay tuned to the very end
of this video because I am going to give you some resources that will help you to
pick the best court shoes for you. In the meantime if you’re new to the channel
welcome glad you’re here. If you haven’t already done so if you do me a little
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notification every time I post a new video. Let’s take a look at the design of
three different shoes so you can better understand why you really do want a
court shoe. There are a couple of differences that make the court shoes well worth the extra fifty to a hundred dollar investment. They’re going to help
to protect you while you’re playing pickleball and they might even help you
play just a little bit better. I’ve got three different pairs of shoes here and they all happen to be Asics because that’s what fit my feet the best. The
first two are both court shoes and the one on the end here is an old retired
pair of running shoes. Now the outdoor court shoe and the volleyball shoe
they’re designed for the side-to-side motion that we got when we play
pickleball. The running shoe is designed for a forward motion as well as to
cushion the foot from impact. The upper of the court shoe is designed to keep the foot on the foot bed during quick stops and starts and lateral movements. So let’s compare the running shoe and the court shoe to see what makes them different in the upper. When I look at a court shoe typically what you find is
you’re going to find the upper on the court shoe is thicker and it’s heavier.
It’s reinforced to protect the foot and the ankle from the side-to-side motion. You’re gonna see that both on the outside of the shoe as well as on the
inside of the court shoe. When you look at a running shoe one of the major
noticeable differences that you’ll see here is you’re gonna see a lot more mesh. It’s not reinforced same thing on the inside of the shoe
more mesh not reinforced. The other thing that you really can’t tell that I can
tell here is the running shoe is a lot lighter the court shoe is a lot heavier
and it’s specifically because of that upper. In addition to being a little
thicker and firmer the other thing that happens in court shoes is they tend to
be just a little bit higher cut than a running shoe. That helps to protect the
ankle from rolling when we move to the side. What I want you to look at now is
the height difference between the two shoes. If you look at the total height of
the shoes they really don’t appear to be that different. But if you look at the
difference between the sole of the shoe and the upper. The court shoe is actually about an inch and a quarter
whereas the running shoe is 2 inches. Typically that’s because mid soles on
running shoes are much thicker because the foot needs to be protected from the
impact caused during running. Court shoes have a thinner in midsole so that the
ankle and the foot are protected from ankle roll as we move side-to-side. Another major difference you’ll see is the tread on the bottom of the shoes. The circular pattern on this shos is designed to help us to move point to point and protect our feet and ankles as we move laterally. On the running shoes you’ll notice that it has a much deeper tread. That’s to help us to
grip the surface as well is to cushion the foot during the running motion. The last big question is are you playing indoors or outdoors? Court shoes like a
volleyball shoes a basketball shoe, squash, racquetball shoes those are all designed
to be used on a hardwood floor and that’s what this shoe is. It has the
traction to move on that hardwood . Where as an outdoor court you like this
particular tennis shoe is designed to be used on an asphalt or a rougher surface. You’ll want two different shoes because if you take the indoor shoe and use it
outside on that hard asphalt surface it’s not going to last as long.
Conversely if you take the outdoor shoe and bring it inside to the hardwood
courts you might have a problem with traction. My last tip is a money saving
tip. When you find a pair of shoes that fit purchase two of them and then wear
them only at the courts. If you wear another shoe to and from your gonna save
that tread and that shoe is going to last a whole lot longer. At the beginning of the
video I promised you a freebie if you stuck around to the end what you want to
do is you want to click up on this link above it’s gonna take you to a resource
that will help you to pick the best pickleball shoes for you. If you got value from this video if you want mind giving a little like maybe make a
comment down below tell me what are your favorite court shoes and why. Share it
with your pickleball playing friends because you want them to stay healthy
too don’t you? Because together we can Train Smart, Live Bold and Age Well

14 thoughts on “What are the Best Shoes for Pickleball?

  1. My favorite shoes area Vibram 5 fingers. They are the strange looking shoes that are like a glove for your feet. This design requires your muscles and supporting tissue to strengthen as they are worn. This reduces the likelihood of twisted ankles and other injuries. They re also very light.

  2. Aloha CJ! Thanks so much for posting this. I recently mentioned to you that when I was visiting and playing with my brother in Tucson (in a running shoe as I didn't have court shoes with me), and despite the fact that I'm in relatively good shape, when running back for a lob, I rolled over on my feet, fell splat onto the court and broke my wrist in two places! A painful lesson to be sure. Now I have two pairs of court shoes that have served me well that go with me to Tucson!

  3. Hey CJ, love your stuff and might start sharing them on my FB page (Lonestar Pickleball of North Houston). I like the Kswiss Big Shot. The foot sits deep in the shoe which gives me a secure fit. The footprint is nice and wide, so roll over is minimized. The shoe lasted me about 5 months of 4 days a week training and lessons. Oh, and the price, I find them all day on eBay around $60, but retail around $100.

  4. Hi CJ, Great video! I'm sharing with running friends who are starting to play pickleball.
    Kswiss discontinued my favorite Ultrascendor a few years ago. Been a favorite of mine going back to my tennis days. Since I had only been playing pickleball off and on until a few months ago, I just needed to replace them now that I'm playing more often. I went with the Lotto Viper Ultra III shoe. They needed a good session to break in to where they feel perfect with my slightly wide feet. Can't wait to use them in my upcoming tournament!

  5. Very helpful video. I have a wide foot and New Balance has the width I need but the ASICS can protect the ankle. I'm torn because my last Pball shoes were Mizuno Wave Volleyball shoes that were great (except I'd like a wide width this time since I got a new callous) and no fallin/slipping on the court but since tread wearing down they're sticking to wooden floors so I'm now playing with my hardly worn cross-trainer (which I hear is not good) NB shoes till I can decide on the best pairs to buy for indoor and outdoor. Some females say they get men's shoes for the width but ones I've tried are too clunky or the ankle area is too big. Ideas/suggestions
    ? Thanks.

  6. I like Asics but the toe box is just too tight for me as I have a narrow heel but slightly wider toe area. Very best shoes for me have been the Prince T22 shoes – nice narrow heel with great support but a nice wide toe box. I get it a half size up since running shoes, court shoes etc seem to run just a bit small.

  7. Would badminton shoes be okay for pickleball? I know they are designed for forward movement so im not sure how great they would be for pickleball….

  8. I bought court shoes specific for Pickleball just prior to breaking my ankle last winter. I am finally playing and I love it. Now I have to go back and take a double look at what I bought, lol……thanks for the info!

  9. I just starting playing pickleball 2 months ago. I just bought a pair of indoor pickleball shoes due to your video. Adidas Essence shoes. They have the same thread and uppers as the shoes you have in the video. I was wearing my outdoor tennis court shoes – Prince T22s. The Adidas Essence are an prior year model shoe so I got a good price. Thanks , Maggie

  10. Hi Great Video,I’ve been playing for 6 months,and really love it, I have been wearing basketball shoes to play in ,but I’’m glad I found this sight. I just ordered A pair of ASICS game 6 court shoes at the tennis warehouse on clearance.Should these work better that the Nike BBall shoes? Thanks

  11. My first two weeks of Pickleball were rough on me. I used running shoes and it injured my knees, ankles and feet. I wish everyone knew this info. I’m still searching for a wide pickle ball shoe for overpronation.

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