What’s Inside the Titleist TS3 Driver with Dan and Lincoln from WHAT’S (IN)SIDE

alright guys exciting video today
because we’re gonna tear open my fake title is ts3 I’ve been getting a lot of
comments after I did my fake and real deal thing and that waits inside so I
need to cut this open the only problem is I wish there was I wish I had some
experience cutting stuff open I mean if there was anybody who had a channel like
that that ended up cutting things open Hey Oh what is what’s inside
hey we cut stuff open all the time it’s really not that difficult just get an
angle grinder Golf Club no me what I need to know here we’ve cut up with a
bunch of drivers they are actually really interesting the inside we’re kind
of noobs to golf about four years ago yeah and we cut open the driver and we
were surprised that it was actually hollow inside and when you the golf
clubs look beautiful on the outside but on the inside they’re pretty basic
because they don’t plan on people actually tearing them apart so if you’re
gonna cut open the fake one you have to cut open the real one just to see what
the inside is different because my guess is the way the Titleist is the inside is
going to have weights in the different places and the metals going to be
weighted properly so that the ball flies the right height and this one flew a lot
higher yeah maybe there’s something with the weight that’s inside of it and
that’s the reason why but really will you only know by cutting it open okay so
that means I gotta cut open my route do you use at s3 I use it every day oh well
this is the sacrifice yeah we have to do four Sciences we have to destroy nice
things in the name of science you guys asked to cut it open so yeah okay so
you’re saying I have to cut it I’m gonna cut the fake one open but then I got to
cut my but I would five hundred oh no she definitely compared the sacrifice I
have to have to make nice to happen okay okay
what is ayats what uh what should I use tool so you could use an angle grinder
that could work or just one of those chop saws all right you know like this
Oh horse with just get the metal cutting blade and then you can just set it right
on there and you just bring you straight down right it’ll cut through this will
have some really nice sparks to it okay it’s a pretty good surprise I know
what’s up yeah it’s good I’m curious to see what’s
inside of it yeah we just finished by the way we just finished golfing 18
holes learn some things I learned how to hit
it out of a bunker with this guy I learned how to shit better so yeah good
player Lincoln’s a good player favorite you hear it you guys are probably
already subscribed to their 6 plus million followers and whatever so uh but
if you’re not you know I’ll link their channel below they give me all the
insights I need if the video doesn’t get uploaded it’s because there was major
accident with the cutting process and I didn’t I didn’t survive we’re some glass
left I didn’t become that until like twenty or thirty videos into it there
will be metal chunks it will be flying near your eyes okay and then do not wear
gloves I always thought you were no gloves but you don’t wear gloves cause
it could get caught by this on then drag your hand in and get it all messed up
yeah you’d rather just cut part of your finger and then pull it out there you go
doesn’t things I’ve learned cuz not nervous yeah at all thinking is not our
top priority but it’s definitely in the top five so we’ve learned some things
over the years good luck with that um thanks guys see ya alright let’s uh
get to the chop saw angle grinder thingamabob okay here we are
ah I’ve got the fake guy right here you can hear the deal in there I’m going dry
I don’t have a chop saw or an angle grinder so we’re going Dremel with the a
metal metal blade um no gloves I do have safety goggles or
hair okay so good to go there what else what else do we need to know I don’t
know if I should go this way this way this way what’s the
best way to do this guess we just start cutting figure it out as we go alright so glad I got to hang out with Dan and
Lincoln and played some golf with them I’ll show you some clips of our round of
golf we had a great time check it out real quick
Oh No well that could’ve went in jet right
there it just rolls to that that’s amazing
unbelievable jet oh five birdies the last holiday one jet okay let’s do it we’ll go on particle I’m probably gonna need like 20 of these
little blades we’re getting close we’re almost there
now in case you don’t if you don’t remember when I did my testing of this
big guy the adjustable weight right in here got lodged in the head somewhere
something loose inside that the weight is missing via the adjustable weight so
it’s in here we want to figure out what else is in here Wow pretty good at this watch out Danny
Lincoln might have to uh I’d have to give you guys a run for your money
all right cutting this puppy open it’s opening okay it’s open
Wow okay this is interesting here’s my weight got my weight back um there’s
like some glue in here here’s what happened with the weight it was very
strange there’s this glue look at this you see that glue so this glue stuff
basically there’s a weld holding the face on inside of here okay and then on
the weld what they did was they put this compound around the around the weld mark
of where they attach the face of the club from the inside so somehow when
this was in here huh in here and I hit it it busted off okay and then it kind
of got stuck in the face of the club which would actually make the ball go
lower because the weight is more forward in the club face if the weights in the
back the ball would go higher so the ball went incredibly high with this club
and the weight was forward in the face strange
when it should have been in the back of the club back there and what it did was
it got stuck to this glue and that’s why it stayed there and then wiggle around a
ton because it was just kind of stuck in the face like that
okay and it got stuck to that glue up in the face according to Dan and Lincoln
the probes the guys there’s a reason I don’t cut stuff open all the time
um because I don’t know what I’m doing glad I hooked up with those cats and
they said I had to in the name of science tear open cut open the real
Titleist ts3 this goes against every fiber of my
being but in the name of science let’s do it oh boy Carey times the cost of
this video just went significantly higher I’m just taking the advice of my
friends from what’s inside all right I’ve taken out the weights there’s
nothing in the way we’re gonna cut the same way and I’m also going to let you
guys know if it how it cut if it was the same resistance level in terms of
cutting as the other one give you all that info all right okay okay it’s open its open what’s
inside so here’s the real guy look at that you can see the real one here fake
one here and you can see inside the face one has a legitimate this one this one
here has a legitimate solid weld to the face where the other one does not this
is a pretty horrible workmanship whereas this clean as can be you can see the
face thickness of the two this is real this is fake you can see the thickness
in the face is totally different this has a thicker face actually and it’s got
a curve to it man and you could feel that face and the real one it actually
has up like a bevel arc to it you just feel that in there fake flat as a
pancake perfectly flat though the reel has these channels here
okay these weight weight channels that distributes weight across the the across
the club so get you some lower here and this has that weight you know it’s all
designed specifically to get the weight in the correct spaces places in the in
the club and here that there’s just nothing there you can see there’s no
weight here there’s no channel they’re side by side
you can see the the inside would be totally totally different real here fake
here on the backside of the club I mean you would imagine that the same thing so
you got real here fake here now real has this
this glue it’s kind of a same glue compound but it’s it’s going to be down
here closer to this area of the club though the heel inside heel and not
exactly sure what that’s for but I would imagine it’s some sound dampening and
for feel and vibration and stuff like that where’s this doesn’t have any of
that there this was on the face of the club on the fake one interesting and you
could see again weight channel here nothing on fake guy at all so why why
did the weight of the fake one go in the head how did that happen that channel
that’s on the real one well that prevents the weight from when you’re
putting it in that’s going to prevent the weight from dipping inside the head
okay so when you put that in here’s the real one there’s a real one that channel
that little this channel here that Bing that holds that holds the weight from
slipping inside the head so if anything were to happen it couldn’t it couldn’t
come out and go inside the head okay on the fake one no there’s no channel there that that is why when the weight was in
there and you hit it it just got dislodged and went inside and then it’s
stuck to the glue on the face of that Club that’s what’s inside the titleist
ts3 fake and the real one you guys wanted me to tear it open figure out
what happened to that wait you did it Matt something gonna clean this stuff up
my kids anyways um I will link what’s inside the video that we did on the golf
course on their channel a link it in the description below so be sure to check
that out we’d had a great time thanks Dan and Lincoln for helping me out love
you guys see in the next video

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