Why Are 96,000,000 Hairy Balls On This Beach?

Why Are 96,000,000 Hairy Balls On This Beach?

[Music] [Music] okay so what I did was I collected these balls for about five minutes look how much we got I’m not crazy five minutes all right let’s get them all out you know that the company hairy balls we got in five minutes these are everywhere like if I kept walking down it would go forever the beach goes all the way down there it’s all caught along the shore there Oh some very yes so this is five minutes of clicking balls they’re all washing in from over here and they’re just dotted all along the edge here it’s incredible look at that so well are they and why are 96 million hairy balls on this beach let’s find out so what are these balls two rather large first have any of you ever seen any of these balls before do you recognize these do they ever wash up in the beach near you what I wanted to do is collect a bunch of these research find out what they are the uses that we can use them for uses in the past and also find out what they’re called okay so what are these big hairy balls found all over the beach from pretty pretty big to pretty small small hairy balls medium-sized hairy balls and large hairy balls but what are they and why are there millions of them on this beach I’m gonna look into that right now and I’m gonna show you exactly what these are some uses for them and how they’re formed because this is very interesting there’s millions of these all over the beach and if you don’t know what they are you will in just a second stay tuned [Music] but first any clues anyone know that these are come on don’t cheat don’t look it up do you actually know what these are you familiar with these because they wash up in many places I guess right now in the Mediterranean they’re considering them to be a nuisance but what are they does anyone know because I’m about to tell you but can you tell me first what are these hairy balls and why are they so voluptuous this is about 10 minutes of collecting a lot of balls right so it’s not a giant pile of dry dung and it’s not the remnants of men that haven’t chased their goals and dreams what it is according to the Internet are neptune balls right and what it actually is is a sea grass it grows in like a mat on the bottom of the ocean out there and as it rolls in and rolls out it turns into little balls what I’ll do is I’ll flash up some stuff on the screen here so you can actually see what this looks like before it turns into a ball [Music] [Music] and then yeah as you can see it changes quite a bit into these hairy ball structures which I believe you can probably plant with these if you poked a little seedling in there and grew with aquaponics I think this would be a great substitute for soil according to the internet they’re anti bacterial and pest resistant and all things like that they don’t they don’t degrade very fast so these are actually a huge benefit for people trying to use permaculture and sustainable techniques like aquaponics and with especially no soil growing so these could be a good soil medium they’re also used for tons of other things which I’ll try to flash up on the screen in the past and still for this day they’re actually still being used [Music] [Music] so the next time you go to the beach and you see a bunch of hairy balls just know that you now know what they are and you know what good they are and what uses they can be used for and you can probably impress your friends with the newfound knowledge here on off-grid secrets that’s right guys educate you guys on things that you don’t know that’s why it’s called secrets awkward secrets this is an off-grid secret awkward secret number 73 what are these hairy balls and why are there 96 million of them on this beach and what can they be used for right are these the nuisance are they trash or are they treasure should be mess of them it should be not we shouldn’t mess with them too much because animals and crabs and bugs they do like to use these as well when they’re washed up on the beach so I wouldn’t recommend taking a bunch of them but if they are very very plentiful where you are or where you find them you could use a few of them most likely but depending where you are they might be endangered I’m not sure you have to look it up but there you go that is why 96 million hairy balls are on this beach and you know what they are and actually my dog loves these more than balls and then like you know dogs rip up balls well these ones they can rip up in it’s okay you leave them behind it’s not trash on the beach right you could actually sell these maybe dog toys pet toys because they’re not harmful to the environment the dog or animal could rip it apart and you could just throw it away or or throw it into the garden because it’s compost and now you know now listen you know those shots of his ocean just in case you’re somewhere cold today because it’s like eighty degrees out here 2325 it is warm today I got we got lucky we knew the weather was nice so we took a trip to the beach and we found a bunch of balls but we’d share the information with you guys thanks for watching and share with your friends make sure to subscribe if you want to learn more tips and tricks for surviving and thriving off the grid we are off grid secrets thanks for watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] whoa

4 thoughts on “Why Are 96,000,000 Hairy Balls On This Beach?

  1. Looks like a nice day at the beach 🌅
    I wonder if the balls, when dried, could be used as a good source of kindling to start a 🔥 fire in your pizza 🍕 oven perhaps.

  2. My first thought was fire starters, then cushion filling. A pity they don't roll up on a beach in Wales. I also think sea kiwi is a better name.

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