60 thoughts on “Why Is The Serve In Tennis So Difficult? One Main Reason…

  1. I dunno why I'm watching this coz I've never played tennis in my entire life, but great insight bro

  2. Great tutorial but it needed an explanation as to why the pros favour the continental serve over the forward facing serve


  4. Probably the reason why I gave up tennis😅.

    After some years I’m gonna take it back, I like it so much and I was good at the rest of the movements.

  5. Great video. I serve really well but had never thought about all this stuff.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Ive been playing a ton of table tennis, they're so similar but so different. Now I know how to serve in tennis haha.

  7. Beautiful landscape! Is this in Slovenia or the Czech Republic? Could be Austria or Germany too but you seem to have an eastern european accent. Great video by the way, thanks a lot!

  8. It's quite similar to the clear in badminton. It was hard for me to adjust my aim when turning the racket to use pronation

  9. When you click on a title but the intro starts of with saying the most obvious things ever with the simple serve.

  10. it actually makes a lot of sense in badminton as well, as racket swing is similar as tennis serve.
    I would even recommend this video to badminton beginners to understand how and why we hit the shuttle that way

  11. If you have a high athletic floor, in addition to some background in any other sport that requires throwing overhand, serving will become and remain easy. If not, it will always be a struggle, relative to those others I just mentioned.

  12. Good insight, but i think its very important that you point out that pronating with such speed without the follow through you did just 3 times, tennis elbow is just around the corner, so watch out guys!

  13. I also have been playing tennis for a long time. When was younger I was a 4.7 player, which is a pretty good club player. My serve was not bad. Not great, but decent I thought. Watching this video I realize that I was doing it all wrong all these years! I was making all the mistakes he talks about. I was trying to use a continental grip, but not really. And I tried to put spin on the ball but not really. I was doing what he told me people do, pushing with my shoulders, directing the serve, flat serve result. I got pretty good at doing it wrong! This video is the first video that makes me instantly visualize how to do it right! I wish I had seen this video 40 years ago! Never the less, at age 66 this video makes me want to learn a proper serve! I will try! As an aside, i realize everything he is saying also applies to the overhead smash, which is why my overhead never proceeded beyond "barely passable".

  14. Indian clubs are a great way to increase wrist and forearm strength. Also great for strengthening and loosening up the shoulders.

  15. wish I had a teacher like this when I was a young player! such a good break down of why tennis serve is executed like it is

  16. Really a Great video. Thank You because i understand because i don t use The pronation in My serve. Fantastic words And magnific exercices To improve our serve

  17. Where should your weight be at point of contact? Should it be moving forward or only rotating around a fixed access and moving up?

  18. The serve is not difficult just go out and practice take a couple hundred balls an work for 3 or 4 hours and your serve will get good ,just kidding….good point though..THANKS

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