Women Try Amazon Swimsuits At The Beach

(screaming) (upbeat music) – So, today, we’re gonna
test Amazon swimsuits – That are under 30 bucks. – Which wasn’t that hard.
– No. – I feel like the swimsuits
that I wear all the time I’ve gotten from online
stores like Swimsuits For All. – I usually get my swimsuits
from Forever 21, honestly, ’cause they’re like 20 bucks. – I’ve gotten them, sometimes,
in department stores because I like to try them on, and also, department stores usually
have a better selection for people with bigger chests. – My thing is I have to
mix my top and my bottoms. – Yup, that’s me too. – Because I have a small chest,
but quite a large behind. – A lot of halters will
fit me really well, but it’s like the pressure on my neck to hold up my boobs is too much. – One pieces are so hard. They literally become a thong,
and it’s so uncomfortable. – I worry because Amazon
does so many things. Are you spreading
yourself too thin, Amazon? – So, we’re gonna test
out these swimsuits, and we’re gonna rate them
on a scale from one to 10. – We are going to do the Instagram test. Does it photograph well? – [Chloe] Exercise movement test. – Sand test. Does it let a lot of sand in? And then we’re gonna do a water test. – We are not doing a water test. – It’s freezing today, by the way. – So, that’s how we’re gonna test ’em. Let’s go try ’em on. I like my swimsuit. Kudos to Amazon. It’s not as tight in my behind
as I thought it would be. I don’t look like an elongated worm. – I really like mine, actually. I love off the shoulder things, so I like that I can show some shoulder. – I love this suit on you. It really fits you well, yeah.
– Thank you. – Usually, when they show… The models are fairly
flat chested, and so, you don’t know how these kinda
slits are gonna work out. I was really worried that it was just gonna be like my nipples here. – This, I’m feeling rather exposed because there’s not a lot of fabric, but that’s my own choice. I’m actually quite impressed with it. – I think this is cute and
could definitely double, like, throw some jeans on over this.
– It’s just a bodysuit. – You’ve got a whole shirt. – I don’t have any boobs, so there is a bit of flapping happening. – You and me both.
– But yeah, just a lot of extra fabric.
– Space. – With mine, I like it a lot. For a long sleeve? – [Nina] You are like modern Baywatch. – It feels good, the zipper
in the back kind of sucks. – This is strangling me slightly. – I feel like this is one of
those take a picture in it and then put on your realistic swimsuit. – There will be sand all in my behind. – We should try our little
Instagram challenge. – Yeah, Instagram pics!
– Pic. – This is literally the only
thing I’m looking forward to. (cheering) – You’re very good at gassing me up. – Special shout out to Jazz
for getting me to the water. – Should I be leaning? I don’t know what I should do. – I mean, I feel hot.
– You look great. – I feel like beach royalty. I’m glad I’m getting the pics
in now before we get wet. – [Chloe] Put your head back
a bit, I just wanna see… Oh, yeah. – Oh, yes, strong hip.
– Oh, point toe. – [Chloe] Lean your hand on your knee. Yeah, like that. – Angle, yes.
– Butt. – [Nina] Hell yes. – [Chloe] How are you
so damn good at this? (laughing) – This swimsuit was meant
to be worn in photos. I’m less in love with it post-Instagram. I feel really good in this suit, but it doesn’t photograph quite as well as I would want it to. – I think mine Instagrammed very well. – Hers looked classier than mine. – When I put it on, I was like oh, okay, it’s a cute red long sleeved
suit, and then I was like oh, then I have to show my side, but then I have to angle my
body, and there was a lot to it. – I feel like a five-year-old
wearing this bikini. – I feel good, but it’s not like… I’m not looking at
these pictures like wow. – I would say on a scale of one to 10, mine is probably about an eight. – Like a seven out of 10.
– Yeah, yes, seven. – I’d give it like a five. It’s like learning how
to pose in the right way that shows the bikini off correctly, and I’m not quite there yet. Alright, we’re gonna
do the volleyball test. I don’t know how to do this. Oh, no, I don’t know how to do this. – Oh, Nina, you’re good! – Oh, shit, sorry. (laughing) – I will say I was fine here, but this all in here where it’s like the suit suddenly became a thong. – This suit held up better
than I thought it would. I’m an athlete!
– Yes! – I’m actually impressed with mine. It doesn’t move barely at all. – I felt like I was in
my long sleeve uniform, and I was ready. So, yeah, I liked it. – I’d give it a six and a half. – Like a nine because I was so surprised. – 10 out of 10. – Yeah, honestly, 10 out of 10. – Jazz, we’re gonna go roll in the sand. – I don’t think we have to do this part. – I hate sand. I do not want sand
anywhere inside my bikini, and I think it’s gonna go
in because of the flaps. – It’s sand, it gets everywhere,
so it’s gonna happen. – Go, Nina, go! (upbeat music) Go, Nina, go! Never work too hard at work. – I have an opening in the center for a lot of sand to fall
through, but not a ton got in. – I thought my suit would
hold up better, it did not. There’s sand in every possible crevice. – Mine is not as bad, but
it’s definitely in my boobs, and I don’t really know
how to even get it out. So, it’s just in there. – This suit is all utility. It is totally fine. Nothing’s gettin’ anywhere in this baby. – I’d give it like nine out of 10. – I’ll give it a nine. – Seven. – A four. – Now it’s time for the water test. Nina, you’re our only contestant today. How are you feeling about it? – I’m really excited. I love frolicking in
the water at the beach. – Alright.
– Alright. (screaming) – There she goes. Nope. (upbeat music) – I think my suit held up very well. It held all the sand in it, for sure. – I’m wet. You know, it did pretty well in the water. I tried… I couldn’t get a good
wave to crash down on me, but I did get the whole suit
wet and even the flat part. – I didn’t really go in all
the way, so I don’t know, but the bottoms got wet and
they weren’t see through. So, yeah, I guess it did well. – I’ll give it a 10 out of 10. – Like a nine out of 10. – I would give it an eight. – I feel like if I wore
this into the water, it would be a nine. I just, nah. (drum rolling) (cheering) – My biggest takeaway from this is that when you’re shopping on Amazon, you’re gonna stay there a while to find the kind of suit you like, but it is worth it in the end because you find quality swimsuits. – Fun day at the beach. – Do you want a wet hug from me? – Nope, no, no. (upbeat music)

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