Women Try Amazon’s Best Selling Sports Bra

Women Try Amazon’s Best Selling Sports Bra

you’re okay we’re trying on Amazon’s best-selling sports bra I just have like memories of being in PE when you’re a little kid well and having like the worst sports bra and like you have to run a mile and then at the end of P you’re just like oh boob sweat always wear a sports bra so I’ll wear them to bed I’ll wear them on a regular day if I feel too lazy to put on a real bra I feel like all my sports bra growing up as a kid was all off my boobs I slip out so I was like I’ll just won’t worry bra now that I’ve been starting to wear like this kind of stuff I’m like I get it I’m torn because I know it’s coming from Amazon so I feel like it can either be good for the price or it kind of bad I’m ready I know my sports bras let’s do it okay I love when you get something from Amazon and it’s and it’s like only packaging but this actually feels like heavy duty but look it comes if you were gonna go work out you got enough sports bras G wise I feel cups in here yeah there’s a PSA sometimes you wear a sports bra doesn’t have padding you got a little cold gets a little nipple e that is a sign of not a great sports bra or you just ought the wrong thing you should’ve bought something with great I love the color I love the stretch it’s a little more classy like my old sports bra in high school okay but I gotta give it a chance I’m not afraid and my nipples show yeah and use like strapped or stick so I feel like they’re going to be like really supportive all right let’s go try these on sports bra it feels like very heavy duty there’s a lot of coverage straps feel really thick and supportive I think if you’re like going in for like a hence workout like you could totally wear this I probably need to go size up but I think it’s a great sports bra I like that I’m like secured right here a lot of sports bras I have little underboob situation they’re still shaken so let’s really put this ladies workout video [Music] I feel like I’m still like bouncing around but I feel covered though I feel like my sides are covered I do feel like this bottom part is like starting to like fly to underneath the boob I gotta like pull it back down a little bit but it does still feel like really comfortable my old cheerleading coach is gonna look at me and she sees you like that was not a pushup who’s counting I’m not I’m not all right Oh boobs is definitely happening this bottom part has wrapped up it’s so comfortable but it just feels like sweaty and kind of gross now this is a great sports bra for hanging out at the house also it’s handling this situation the pocket that lives here yes I think for the amount of sports Farsight you get it could be a great sports bra I always depends on like your needs or what kind of sports bra you prefer I like the sports bra a lot I don’t know that I would wear this while I’m working out just because I would feel a little like fidgety the whole time I think the value is definitely there if you’re looking for something that’s like not as expensive and you just want to have like a very utilitarian sports bra they can like throw in your gym bag I think you’re getting on your pay for I don’t hate it it gets a thumbs up for me [Music] you

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  1. I have those sports bras and they tend to dig in and the cups pop out whenever you wash them and it’s a pain getting them back in

  2. The only thing these are good for is sleeping and during the day in the house. That sort of sports bras are not supportive enough for women who have large boobs when sporting.

  3. The best sports bra is SheFit from Carrie Underwood (high impact) I think I found them at Dick's Sporting Goods store, and they are great!

  4. okay but as an athlete I can’t stand it when a sports bra has padding, especially when I can’t remove it. I need something that is holding me down so I can run without boobs in my face, not something that lifts my boobs up even more.

  5. I have these bras and I think I ordered a size too large because it doesn’t really support and the padding comes out a lot in the washing machine. But the fabric is really soft so I just wear it casually

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  7. I would never trade my Nike sports bras for Amazon cheap ones. Also, I hate sports bras with padding. I'm also flat chested so nothing really bounces up or down. 😝

  8. Y’all…last year they uploaded virtually the same video, rating amazon activewear, and guess what, they reviewed the same exact bra

  9. i have these and i would give em a thumbs up too lol. shes right abt the bottom kinda tucking up when being active and there is some bounce there but overall they’re good sports bras for me lol

  10. I’ve been wearing these sports bras for almost a year and they’re still rocking strong. My only issue is I wish the straps sat a little further apart because they tend to ride up onto my neck. Other than that I love them, especially for daily wear. I am a DDD and feel comfortable enough to not wear a real bra instead of these when out and about. 10/10 recommend

  11. I own this bra and I love it for my low intensity workouts. I took the padding out. Also, I always wear a top over it, so the nipple situation isn't a problem for me.

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  13. If women want equality then they should do things equally. That includes doing push-ups the same way as men. Equality for everything, not just choosing what’s equal.

  14. I hate to tell the girl who talked about boob sweat in sports bras, but that'll happen because you're working out, but I'm jealous they were cute.
    Also my sports bras never have padding and even though the sports bra is fitted, my boobs bounce because they're ridiculously huge. The only time they don't bounce is if I wear 2 sports bras and then I can't move or breathe.

  15. Nipples are natural. Why is seemingly everyone having problems with them showing???
    The most important is that it FITS correctly – which means, you cannot have the band without a hook. It will not give you decent support if you can pull it over!

  16. psa from a girl: please dont do a girl push up. its embarrassing and does nothing for you anyway. i mean do you think sitting on your knees while bending your elbows til your nose touches the ground is a real push up???

  17. This is STUPID. I went looking for the affiliate link in the show notes and can't find one! Only one to the BuzzFeed merch store w/a bunch of t shirts. Don't make folks work for a sales link. Sheesh.

  18. I like how people that don't wear sports bras rate a sport bra after doing something similar to a sport. I'll search some were else in YouTube before I buy something for my wife

  19. I actually only wear sports bras nowadays-every time I wear a “normal” bra, especially one with underwire, I always regret it!😑

  20. 안녕? 나는 한국에서 왔단다. 나도 아마존에서 스포츠브라를 주문한 적이 있어. 네 영상을 보니 참 재미있구나. 네 영상을 보면서 저절로 웃게 되었단다. 네가 하는 운동들을 나도 하고 있는데 꽤 힘들었지. 좋은 영상 만들어서 고마워! Hi? I am from Korea. I also ordered a sports bra from Amazon. It's fun to see your video. Watching your video made me laugh by itself. I'm doing the exercises you do and it was pretty hard. Thanks for making a good video!

  21. Ive always hated sports bras that were to close to my armpit because of rubbing and unpopular opinion but i hate the padding because it always moves out of place

  22. I'm pregnant so my bra sits right on my stomach….so I love the cheapest, no support, get 2/$10 sports bra during pregnancy 😁.

  23. Am I the only one that’s wears a bra then puts the sports bra over it for extra support cause I don’t trust a sports bra by its self 😂

  24. They should try those sports bras that have the crisscross wrap thingy. I think they look awesome but don’t wanna spend the money if it’s just a gimmick

  25. Nooooo support! And you gals are not large busted! It's a definite fail as a sports bra, but looks like a comfortable athletic looking lounging/casual bra.

  26. I have these! I'm a 36DD. I don't run in them or do jumping jacks. I use them to ride a bike and lift weights in. They work well. I'm not really sure there is sports bra for my size that would keep me from bouncing, so I don't do those exercises

  27. Hands down best sports bra I ever worn is made by TomboyX. So they may not be made for high-intensity workouts (as they are made more for everyday wear), but my daily biking and strengthening workouts hold my er, ample 36I chest in great. They are so comfy that I threw out all of my horrid, medieval torture underwire bras. They are so comfy (95% cotton) not super pricey ($35 ea) and WEAR LIKE IRON. Seriously, I got mine over a year ago, and I wash and dryer them, and they are still holding up great. Plus, they are made for ANYONE, so if you are LGBTQIA+ or straight like me, they are for everyone!!

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