Wooden soccer ball

Wooden soccer ball

In my previous video,
I experimented with making a sixteen-sided
dome of wooden triangles. And that’s fairly round.
But, then I was thinking how could I make this
thing even rounder. I’ve been experimenting
by doubling the corners of the triangles that make
up my sixteen-sided dome to essentially make
a 240-sided one. And here’s my experiment.
But I didn’t want to have to build a
whole new ball. So, I just thought I’d
experiment by truncating the corners off the one
I’ve already built. Well, it’s kind of like
a soccer ball now. As long as everybody’s
wearing steel pumped safety shoes
and hard hats. Hah! Now with varnish on it,
surprisingly it looks even rounder.
But if I put it on a perfectly
round bucket, you can see it’s
still not perfect. I also sanded my
test piece round and I think that one would
be much easier to get perfectly round
than the one here.

100 thoughts on “Wooden soccer ball

  1. Just an idea for doing the final rounding on the ball… Put it in a drum filled with abrasive then put it on a drive mechanism to rotate it just like a tumbler…

  2. Can this be put into one of those grinding drums that sand down sharp pieces of glass/stone into much rounder pieces?

  3. you need to get the craftsman contour sander. it has three pivoting heads.great for concave and convex sanding

  4. could you not do something along the lines of covering the opening of the bucket with sand paper and rotate the wooden ball as it sits in it, to make it perfectly round?

  5. Next paint it white and black and leave it on an empty football pitch… then wait and film as some random guy walks by and gives it a kick!

  6. Recuerdo esos viejos tiempos en los que no había televisión ni teléfonos y tan solo nos divertimos jugando con balones de madera

  7. I'm surprised you didn't make some clever jig to suspend it at a fixed height above your belt sander while you spun it in all directions.

  8. Nice build!… for the 240 sided one did you then just down scaled the dimension for triangles and still used the same angles as the first one? And how did you calculate it to be 240?

  9. My mom told me that when she was a kid she saw some kid try to kick a concrete soccer ball. Did not end well for the kid

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