100 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion

  1. Yea we don’t call it “jelly” we call it Jello. The name brand but generic for all gelatin lol. Jelly is like, grape or strawberry with gelatin and “jam” is more pure and usually different flavors like peach, apricot, etc. of course that’s just my experience with the difference of jelly and jam, but what they’re using we call in the US, Jello. Jelly and jam go on toast! Lol

  2. I don't really get the point of this "super slow show" when Gavin isnt even the one filming & it isnt even about the slo motion. Purely publicity for YouTube. Very sad.

  3. It's strange, there is no comment : African child could eat it. I think they imagine the scene… Hi children! We have jelly for you 😀

  4. u guy need to check out smarter every day site. they made a swimming pool made of real jello. and it worked. 1000 of gallion turned into solid jello. look into SMARTER EVERYDAY

  5. Sorry, someone else did it first and did it MUCH larger.
    OK, so this guy did not do it first, but he did it bigger and better

  6. There's actually a thing called a "Fat Berg" that forms in the sewers when you pour oils and fats down the drain. It's like a solid chunk of old fat that blocks the sewer pipes and causes overflows, which is the reason you should collect used oil in a jar and not let it wash down the drain. Most of the time you can even reuse it

  7. Why is Dan always and still injured at the left arm ?! I need to know, he is wearing a bloody cast on every video, is he injuring himself at every episode ? xD

  8. I wonder how many pigs were needed to produce that amount of gelatin. This is the stupidest thing ever. Like many YToubers you don't take into consideration where things come from. This just show how shallow, brain-washed and narrow minded this guys are. Amazing stupidity, bravo!!! clapclapclap

  9. Massive waste of a precious resource. In CA we have drought issues which are spreading throughout the world. Maybe next time you could use cow poo.

  10. I'm confused is jelly Jello and jam I thought jam was jellow but jellow is what you put in on you peanut butter jelly sandwich so we put jellow on are peanut butter jelly sandwiches????

  11. You see, I think the whole “Americans call it jam” was just a joke about Americans and how we call jam, jelly (the stuff you would spread on toast), and obviously they can’t use the copyrighted name Jell-O, so they just wrote that joke in for fun.

  12. I like how they only use slow mo at the times when the least stuff is moving and as little as possible is going on

  13. It’s weird hearing them use other words that we don’t use in America sometimes I don’t know what it is
    (It’s jello in America not jam)

  14. “They call it jam or something” uh no? We might stuff strawberry jam or raspberry for like a pb&j

    But we just call it Jell-O mostly

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